Jean Baudrillard 911
terrorismus als selbstzweck: die postmoderne der simulacren.

2001: Ars Electronica "TakeOver"
0rf auf der Ars Electronica Gala 2001. Gaming to Enter!

Early Web Videos (1999): 0rf 0triche
0rf fights media monopoly.

Early Web Videos (1999): spannende unterhaltung.
found footage webwork von 0rf; tv-kunst.

0rf / null err eff

Null-r-f ist ein projekt der gleichnamigen Kunst- und Satire- Initiative in Wien. Wir sind seit dem Jahr 1996 aktiv.

Play along with game shows, participate in polls. confide per chat with other viewers during Interactive programming. Automatically program your live with a click of a button. Instantly search thousands of on-screen interactive Listings and always know what's on. Join a community of people who share ideas...users have been normalized by their software. todays entertainment industry is immense, its outragous capital for the digitalized crusade comes from varieties of information empires, which show a perfectly designed reality drug. more or less, the image of a picture of an icon. [...] (0)